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These menus are a guide only. We will happily design a seasonal menu specifically tailored to your group, rather than selecting an ‘option’.

Dietary requirements can be catered for within the regular menu or individually when notice is given. All our meat is Halal. Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to cater for Kosher meals.

For Hors D’oeuvres, room temperature menus can be designed if staff are not required.

Staff, hire and beverage packages can be included if required.

Allergen Information
Our kitchen sources a wide range of high quality and seasonal ingredients to produce our products.

As we are a working kitchen using a diverse range of products, we cannot guarantee that any product will be “free” from substances which may cause you illness or discomfort if you or your guests suffer from allergies or intolerances.

For example, we advise of our products being of ‘low gluten’ rather than ‘gluten free’ as we cannot absolutely guarantee the produce is free of these products.

For those guests with anaphylactic reactions to some ingredients, we advise that all our products may contain traces as they are produced in the same kitchen. Guests are to take full responsibility for the choice having received this advice.

We are very happy to discuss the ingredients of meals with you, but take no responsibility in relation to the choice you make or the selections you choose.

Lunch Sample Menus
Menus below start from $22.00 / pp
(min 30 people)

The below menu's can be extended with more variety.

Lunch Sample 1
Pan bagna’ – Fresh style pressed baguette with roasted red pepper, eggplant, Gruyere cheese, basil leaves, olive tapenade and radicchio

Pulled chicken in rice paper rolls filled cucumber, Wombok cabbage, Vietnamese mint and Szechwan pepper sauce (vegan option included, low gluten)  

Coconut curried vegetable hand rolled filo parcels with house-made tomato and vine fruit chutney (vegan)  

New seasons blood plum and mascarpone tartlets  

Seasonal fruit platters   

Lunch Sample 2
House made pumpkin and saffron bread with fresh tomato, chargrilled eggplant, basil leaves, aioli  

Vietnamese rice paper rolls with coconut, lime and crunchy Asian greens (low gluten, vegan)  

Chicken fillet wrapped in prosciutto with sage and thyme (low gluten, some without prosciutto)

Mango and passionfruit curd tartlets

Seasonal fruit platters

Lunch Sample 3  
Beef, Burgundy and thyme pies with chunky house made tomato sauce  

Black rice nori rolls with avocado and pickled ginger (low gluten and dairy)  

Paper thin mountain bread with chargrilled eggplant, mint, labne, candied walnuts and parsley  

Caramelised Bosc pear and almond frangipani tarts

Seasonal fruit platters

Lunch Sample 4  
Cotoletta of chicken in house made baguette with aöli, spinach and roasted red pepper (vegetarian option included)  

Asparagus, mint and pea frittata with caramelized onion (low gluten)

Raw cauliflower tabbouleh with mint, walnut, fresh fennel, quinoa and parsley with pomegranate molasses and lemon juice dressing (low gluten and vegan)

Local organic raspberry tartlets

Seasonal fruit platters

- Hors D’oeuvres Sample Menu
- Premium Buffet Sample Menu

Sample Hors D’oeuvres MENUS
Menus below start from $24.00 / pp
(min 30 people)

The below menu's can be extended with more variety.

Hors D’oeuvres Option 1
(Room temperature, no staff required)  

Bright green pea blini with mascarpone and house cured vodka and beetroot gravlax (low gluten)  

Chicken Waldorf and basil sandwiches in light rye bread   Pizza Rustica with roasted red pepper strips, fresh ricotta, basil and olive tapenade  

Pizza Rustica with roasted red pepper strips, fresh ricotta, basil and olive tapenade

Nori cones with sweet potato, Enoki mushrooms, sesame and miso (low gluten, vegan)  

Pintxos - Green honey dew melon with prosciutto, basil leaf and “torn” buffalo mozzarella (vegetarian included) (low gluten)  

Citrus bruschetta with creamy blue cheese and caramelized apple (low gluten)  

Hors D’oeuvres Option 2
(Includes warm items, with staff)  

House made button beetroot rolls with lightly smoked Atlantic salmon, dill and mascarpone  

Peking duck crepe pockets with hoisin and julienned carrot (low gluten and dairy)  

Miniature calzone filled with rosemary scented dark purple Congo potato, caramelised onion and melting white Italian Stracchino cheese (served warm)  

Veal and tarragon fluted miniature pies served with house made vine fruit sauce (served warm)  

Lacy potato roesti with smoked beef, aioli and red onion marmalade (low gluten)  

Almond and rosewater friands topped with frosting and rose petal (low gluten)  

- Lunch Sample Menu
- Premium Buffet Sample Menu

Premium Buffet Sample Menu

Menus are a guide only. We will tailor a menu specific to your guests and event and seasonal produce available.

These menus require guests to be seated with cutlery.  

Premium Buffet Sample 1
Roasted Atlantic salmon marinated in Japanese mirin and soy sprinkled with flaked nori and black and white sesame seeds (low gluten and dairy)  

Pulled poached whole chicken, chilled and served on green melon napped with a sizzling sesame, spring onion and ginger sauce (low gluten and dairy)  

Malaysian coconut vegetable curry with roasted cashews, cauliflower, eggplant and green beans (vegan, low gluten)  

Thai coleslaw with peanut lime dressing, snow pea shoots, julienne carrot, corn off the cob, Thai basil and avocado (vegan, low gluten)  

Mixed mushroom salad with shitake, pine and Enoki mushrooms and sugar snap peas (vegan, low gluten)  

Fresh green salad with lemon and balsamic vinaigrette (vegan, low gluten)  

House baked fresh bread rolls  

Flourless whole boiled orange, almond and coconut cake with orange blossom water (low gluten)  

Seasonal fruit platter (vegan, low gluten)  

Premium Buffet Sample 2
Eight hour slowly cooked lamb shoulder with rosemary served with a side of yoghurt and cucumber (low gluten and low diary if yogurt excluded)

Roasted blue eye fillet with fennel, parsley and lemon salsa verde (low gluten)

Italian eggplant parmigiana with melted fresh buffalo mozzarella (low gluten)

Cypriot grain salad with freekeh, puy lentils, capers, currents, celery and pomegranate cinnamon dressing (low gluten, vegan)

Fresh fig, labne, caramelized walnut and radicchio salad, dressed with walnut oil and balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh green salad with lemon and balsamic vinaigrette (vegan, low gluten) House baked fresh bread rolls

House baked fresh bread rolls  

Persian pear and pistachio cake with chocolate ganache

Seasonal fruit platter (vegan, low gluten)

- Lunch Sample Menu
- Hors D’oeuvres Sample Menu