Our Suppliers

Ethiopia Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Our organic Fairtrade coffee is exported direct from the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union in Ethiopia to Australia, avoiding the need for a middleman from the farm gate. This ensures a sustainable income for growers. With Fairtrade coffee, we also pay an extra premium which goes back directly to co-ops to build schools and clinics. All our Fairtrade coffee is grown on small cottage plots, or picked from the forest, and it is fully Certified Organic.

Leo Strati, Queen Victoria Market 

Our seasonal fruit and vegetables come directly from the Queen Victoria Market. Leo and his family provide a beautiful range of exceptionally fresh produce each market day.

Laucke Organic Flour  

Laucke Flour Mills are the last of Australia’s industry founding family owned and operated independent Millers. They select the best grains to process through their roller and stone grinding mills to create great flour. We use their organic flour to make our variety of fresh breads each day including bright pink beetroot bread, orange pumpkin and saffron, walnut bread and a variety of sourdough breads.

Happy Tuna, Queen Victoria 

Market We proudly source our seafood from Happy Tuna at the Queen Victoria Market. A fourth generation family owned and run business providing the most reliable, fresh and beautiful seafood. Regularly coming in the top seafood shops in Melbourne, the passion and care taken by the family shows in the premium product.

Taylor’s Berry Farm, Ballarat 

We source our beautiful organic raspberries directly from Taylor’s Berry Farm in Ballarat. The berries are grown free from chemicals and pesticides, keeping their natural full flavour and colour. The berries are handpicked and delivered straight to our kitchen!